Hey friend.  I'm based in Portland, Oregon where I  write, record and perform modern folk-rock with a 1971 West Coast feel.

I learned to play on my uncle's guitar and I never really looked back.  Time melted away as day after day I spent exploring the instrument and trying my hand at writing songs.

Naturally I formed some bands throughout my middle and high school days.  When I was 19 my college friends and I formed The Parson Red Heads.  We got knocked out by the 60s and 70s- Neil Young, Fairport Convention,, Big Star, All Things Must Pass.  We worked hard in that band and took it pretty far, having some great times along the way.

After more than ten years together as a band, touring the US, Spain and beyond, I felt the need to step out on my own musically and bring to fruition a brand of music I'd been gestating for years.  I chose a project name that had mysteriously drawn me towards itself- House of Angels- and set about making an album that incorporated many of my most enduring influences- Midlake, CSNY, Vetiver and Jonathan Wilson, to name a few.  I literally drew a map of my plans for musical style and mood.  I wrote, recorded and performed it mostly on my own- I had never done that before in the 15 years I'd been making records.  I'm really proud of how "Era Ephemera" turned out.  You can catch me performing these songs around Portland and beyond.  Album number 2 is in the works at the time of this writing.  Stay tuned.

Era Ephemera is out now on Parson Farm Records.